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Apocalypse page one hundred! This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine (pink icon, rat skull) has posted a screen captured image from Facebook into the chat. We see her pink chat color outlining a baby photo! But this brown-haired baby is wearing a giant rat skull on her head, along with the usual onesie and diaper. The caption on the original post reads 8 Years Ago, and Look at my baby picture!! LOL! Panel two: Famine types into chat 'Look how old I was. Only 8 years ago.' Plague (green icon, bird skull) quips 'A literal baby'. Panel three: War (dark blue icon, wolf skull) joins in sarcastically 'how time flies!' Death (light blue icon, human skull) adds, 'Wow the last few years really did a number on you.' Panel four: Plague asks 'Wasn't March 2020 really 20 years for everybody?' Famine returns with 'according to this post it was almost 30 years.'

Posted September 4 2022