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Apocalypse page one hundred seven. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague (green bubble) sends a photo of a reception desk. Along the top someone has set 4 pumpkins and a sign reading 'Pumpkin to talk about'. Below the image, Plague has typed My coworker just sent this photo of her desk, and now I'm thinking I should set tiny pumpkins in the windows Wic uses.' Panel two: Plague continues with 'To really boost the Spooky Vibes!' War (dark blue bubble) pipes up with 'Yeesssss'. Death appears (light blue bubble) to say 'Plague. Plague you must start a pun war.' Panel three: Death shouts in all caps 'Plague get to a target!!' Plague replies 'You know I won't lower myself to puns. But there IS a Target across the toad.' Panel four: A moment of silence. Then Plague says 'Road! I meant across the ROAD!' Death quips 'Toad on the road says it's time for fall!' Plague's final word is 'Freudian witchy slip.'

Posted October 23 2022