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Apocalypse page one hundred nine. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: War(dark blue icon, wolf skull) opens the conversation with 'So the realtor got back to me about that house.' Famine (pink bubble, rat skull) pops in to ask 'How many bodies are buried in the basement?' War replies 'So as-is, trashed and all right?' Panel two: War continues, 'Without fixing the roof or anything: 360k. So FML.' Famine sympathizes with 'Oof.' War says 'Back to being sad and hopeless.' Panel three: Famine says, 'If it makes you feel better, my therapist called my haircut BRAVE. Not the right thing to say I think!!' War replies 'WOOOW LOL. Brave is not the word I would have chosen.' Panel four: Famine says 'I'm laughing about it. I think she meant How brave to do it yourself!... I think.' War soothes with 'Oh I'm sure, but wooow. That did make me feel better lol'

Posted November 6 2022