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Apocalypse page one hundred twelve. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine (pink icon with a black rat skull) opent the conversation with 'Many of the things I love inexplicably creep me the fuck OUT at night. The forest, the beach...' Death (blue icon with a black human skull) adds 'Open water gives me the HEEBIES in the dark.' Panel two: Famine returns with 'I've had nightmares about that damn creek near my mom's old backyard even. And in the park with the trees. Not TERRIBLE nightmares but not nothing, either. It's creepy.' Panel three: Famine continues, 'Things that are not creepy at night. Surburbia, snow-covered everything.' Death returns to say 'Ohh snow covered suburbia!' Panel four: Death continues 'Cwonch cwonch cwonch as you walk home at night.' Famine adds 'Slip slip fall' Plague (green bubble, bird skull) appears bewildered to ask 'What is HAPPENING in here??'

Posted November 27 2022