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Apocalypse page one hundred twenty one. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague (green icon with black bird skull) starts with 'Do you ever wanna just eat an avocado like an apple?' War (blue icon with black wolf skull) replies '...Noo lol. I love avocado but that shit needs seasoning.' Plague returns with 'Noo it's so good alone!' Panel two: Famine (pink icon with black rat skull) joins the chat to say 'I eat avocado alone but the peel is bitter, even for me. Gotta peel it or use a spoon to scoop it out. But no seasoning!' War says 'Wild. Needs salt at least.' Panel three: Famine picks up 'But I also eat butter straight. And uncooked pasta.' War says 'Those are all fine but plain avocado is just madness lol'. Plague returns to muse 'then I won't say how I eat kiwi...' Panel four: Death (blue icon with black human skull) appears to say 'I'll eat avocado out of the husk with salt and a spoon. But prefer it with spicy mayo!' War happily agrees 'At the very least salt for me. Spicy mayo for suuuure!'

Posted January 29 2023