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Apocalypse page one hundred twenty three. Panel one: Famine is out shopping and stops at a shelf with two kinds of chocolate, marked Cheap and Premium. The shelf above the price tag for cheap chocolate is empty, while there are plenty of bars of premium left. Off-screen Famine says 'Oh no! They're out of my cheap brand...' Panel two: She continues on 'But... maybe this is a sign to splurge! I could buy the good chocolate for once!' Panel three: The view shifts to her home, where a cabinet is full of towering bars of premium chocolate. A little note with an arrow pointing at the candy ominously reads Good Chocolate - Do Not Touch!!!. Beside the haphazard tower sits a pair if cheap chocolate bars. Famine looks in and says 'Oh, I still have some of the cheap ones left.' Panel four: As she snaps shut the cabinet door she says 'No need to dip into the good stuff yet then!' Her hoarding continues.

Posted February 12 2023