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Apocalypse page one hundred thirty. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Death (human skull, light blue icon) sends a photo of a fat black & white cat curled up. Someone has overlaid the fibonacci sequence spiral which matches perfectly. Panel two: Death suggests 'Famine consider. THIS as a tattoo.' Famine (black rat skull, pink icon) snaps back 'What do I look like? A geometer??? I'm an algabraist!' Panel three: Death replies 'my bad lol.' Famine isn't done though. She continues 'It's all number theory I'm sure. And ai AM a number theorist too. WHich is how I know it's Cliche as HELLL.' Panel four: Famine ends on 'As if nature is so neat and tidy! Fibonacci FLIM FLAM.' War (dark blue icon with black wolf skull) appears as the resident tattoo artist to say 'People def get this as a tattoo. Unfortunately without the chubby buddy though lol.'

Posted April 2 2023