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Apocalypse page one hundred thirty four. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one:  Plague (green bubble, black bird skull) opens the chat. 'Ladies, he's a 10 but he puts chip crumbs down the sink. What's his new score?' Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull) says 'Otherwise a 10? An 11, because now I get the crumbs.' Panel two: War arrives (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull) to say 'I mean, still a 10. Sink or trash. As long as crumbs aren't on my floor, furniture, or literally anywhere else lol'. Famine has reconsidered and says '8 for putting food down the sink.' Panel three: Plague says 'Wow this went better than expected lol. I am the criminal who puts chip crumbs down the sink. Once they get too small for me to pinch out of the bowl with my fingers, that's it.' Panel four: Famine wraps things up with 'I'd ask who hurt you but I guess it was us! For me the protocol is to gather them up and tap them into the palm of your hand to lick up. OR lick the pad of your finger and get them that way (like glue!!)'

Posted April 30 2023