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Apocalypse page one hundred forty. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Malady (purple bubble, black bird skull icon) starts off asking '...Plague... Did you make some sort of progress on the expansion at work? They just canceled the desk sharing AND the three-days-at-home plan.' Plague (light green bubble, also with a black bird skull icon) replies 'LOL I'm happy to help.' Panel two: Plague continues 'Thats actually super gratifying.' Malady says 'Wait. Did you. Actually do something?? Was this you?? WHAT did you do??' Panel three: Plague says 'Of course I made progress, there was a meeting with property management today and we took leadership on a tour of the new suite yesterday.' Malady squeaks (via text) 'I MEAN.' Panel four: 'When you said 'Don't expect it to take long' I didn't think we were talking PREVENTATIVE MEASURES!' Plague finishes the chat with 'Lol. I should have said 'It will last negative time.'

Posted June 11 2023