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Apocalypse page one hundred forty four. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Death (light blue bubble, bkacl human skull icon) enters the chat seeking advice. She asks 'Is Haha more professional than Lol? I just NEED that lol. It's my emotional support lol.' Plague (green bubble, black bird skull icon) says 'Short answer, yes lol' Panel two: Plague continues with 'Long answer, Haha does seem to be used more often in chats where people are uncomfy. I guess they don't want to admit they would just type three letters instead of four? Or feeh that Haha is most clearly a laugh instead of Yeah I saw this but have nothing to add.' Panel three: Death returns to say 'I want to use it as a tonal indicator. I'm sending this really serious message but I am not a serious person; lol'. War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull) offers up 'May I suggest a good ol fashioned Hardy Har Har'. Panel four: Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull) suggests 'Emoji react with a laugh face'. Death immediately sends 'LOL,' then continues with 'I just put Haha for now. After a few more exchanges I'll go to Lol. We've done video calls for the Bugs Need Heroes podcast so there's some wiggle room!'

Posted July 9 2023