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Apocalypse page one hundred fifty. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Death (light blue bubble, black human skull icon) opens by asking 'Why are kids like this lol. My son wants to eat only graham crackers that are whole!' War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull icon) replies 'They small and crazy. Lol me too little man.' Panel two: Death continues with 'But when I give him a whole one he breaks it into 4 rectangles anyway! Let me give you the halves!! The end result is UNAFFECTED.' Plague arrives to quip 'Only whole. Only break. He craves destruction.' Panel three: Death pauses her venting to say 'To be clear he will eat the halves... but only after all the whole pieces are gone. And that's after years of mommt (me) insisting that the Half Are Fine, Actually. All of which... are broken ALONG the LINES.' Panel four: Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull icon) appears to say 'Counterpoint. This is like people who put a whole meal in a blender and say WELL it all ends up in the same place! Okay, yes, but the journey matters!!'

Posted August 20 2023