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Apocalypse page one hundred fifty five. This whole comic is in chat format, like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague (green bubble, black bird icon) bursts on the screen saying 'I started watching youtube shorts of rug cleaning and cannot stop.' Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull) immediately says 'You never will. Welcome to your new life.' Plague says 'They're so satisfying.' Panel two: Plague continues, 'And one channel puts little decals on their machines! It's very cute.' War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull icon) pops in. 'Dude rug cleaning has taken over my life. Welcome to the life! Especially anything with power washing is like YAAAAS'. Panel three: Death appears (light blue bubble, black human skull icon) to chime in 'I like power washing more than rug cleaning. But I also like the vandalism element of power washing, which rugs do not have.' Famine returns with 'What grinds me up are those cleaning videos where they mix ALL the cleaners together.' Panel four: Famine continues, 'Perfect recipe for toxic fumes, setting a bad example.' Death yelps 'OMG so there's this one video. Of this lady just pouring like 100 bars of used soap in her sink and swirling them around. It's good ASMR but WHY'.

Posted September 24 2023