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Apocalypse page one hundred sixty three. Panel one: Death sits at the family table. Her toddler son pops up. 'Mommy will you help me put on Daddy's shirt?' She hesitantly replies 'Um. Sure baby.' Panel two: Death kneels on the floor helping the child drag an adult-size shirt over his head. She asks 'Why are we wearing Daddy's shirt?' The child excitedly says 'To be super strong!' Panel three: The child stations himself over an air vent in the floor, his father's shirt hanging loose to his knees. From off screen Death says 'What do you--' Panel four: Suddenly the air kicks on and her son yells 'Super strong!!' The air inflates  the shirt like a parachute or kite, looking silly but also buffing up the child.

Posted November 19 2023