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Apocalypse page one hundred sixty five. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague (light green bubble, black bird skull) messages her sister Malady 'Dude we left your lunch bag in the car yesterday.' Malady (light purple bubble, also a black bird skull icon) replies 'No way. ...Oops lol?' Plague laughs along, 'Yeah I found it this morning lol'. Panel two: Plague continues, 'Crazy how one extra thing throws off routine.' Malady says ' 'One extra thing'? It was an entire cake! ...Was being the operative word here.' Plague asks 'Did you finish it off?' Panel three: Malady politely replies 'I sure did, Miss Whoops I Ate Two Of The Three Pieces Left.' Plague protests 'One and a half!' Malady snaps back 'I know what you DID. There were only two bites left!' Panel four: Plague protests again, 'And I only took two bites! That's perfectly even!' Malady snarls (via italics) 'The size of the bite matters too.' In normal font she continues 'Devil upon you. I ate that piece out of SPITE.'

Posted December 3 2023