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Apocalypse page one hundred seventy three. This is in a chat format, like Facebook of Discord. Panel one: Death (light blue bubble, black human skull) says 'We are having a rolly-polly expert on the podcast this weekend. If any of you have questions for them let me know!' Famine (bright pink bubble, black rat skull) immediately asks 'Are they related to armadillos?' Panel two: Plague (light green bubble, black bird skull) pops in with 'If they were bigger could they withstand a hug?' Famine adds 'Or a gunshot?' Plague says 'How well do they actually roll? Could we bowl with one or would it be took wonky?' Panel three: War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull) asks 'What do they actually eat, plants or other bugs?' Famine continues with 'How long can they stay rolled up until they die?' Plague asks 'Have there been roly polys in movies? Did the expert enjoy it?' Panel four: Plague continues 'What's the difference between rolly boys and tomato bugs?' Death returns to say 'I can answer that, they were in Bugs Life and Raya. omg and it's POTATO bugs lol'. Plague vaguley says 'Tomato potato rolly boys'.

Posted January 28 2024