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Apocalypse page one hundred seventy seven. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague (light green bubble, black bird skull icon) shouts in all capital letters 'Have anyone done self-serve gas yet? I need guidance SOS!' War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull icon) casually says 'it very easy.' Plague immediately responds 'I'm calling you.' The call must happen off screen, because the next thing shown is Death in the next panel. Panel two: Death (light blue bubble, black human skull icon) pipes up 'I HAVE done it when I lived in other states, but I almost always make my husband do it lol.' Famine (light pink bubble, black rat skull) adds 'having had to do it for two years it's not something I'll ever really forget... but the Oregonian in me is still worried about coating myself in gasoline lol.' Panel three: Plague returns to report 'I almost put diesel in my car because I didn't realize they color-coded the handles.' War says 'LOL I said NOT the green one! It's hard when you do it alone for the first time. Good job Plague.' Panel four: Plague responds 'tysm War you're a hero.' Famine agrees 'Yeah it is very stressful.' Plague wraps things up by saying 'This was a success because 1) my car did not die and 2) no one yelled at me for taking too long!'

Posted February 25 2024