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Apocalypse page one hundred eighty four. Panel one: A narration box states 'Mathematicians are notoriously slow readers, because they read every symbol.' Below the box, Famine sits up in bed, holding a book and thinking to herself. '240 pages... 20 pages per night... I'll be done in only 7 days!' Panel two: Famine frowns. 'Wait, that doesn't seem right. This book is too big. Wait, 240 divided by 20 isn't 70. It's 14! 14 days.' Panel three: Her eyes close in concentration. 'Wait, but 240 divided by 40 isn't 70. 30 times 7 is 210 so that's not right.' Panel four: She sits in silence for a moment. Then thinks to herself 'ANd I have a degree in math?' The narration box returns to continue 'And also because they do this. The answer is 12 days.'

Posted April 14 2024