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Apocalypse page one hundred ninety. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Death (light blue bubble, black human skull icon) begins. 'Dinner thoughts: one of the most recent Mandela effects is that the power of Instagram's name recognition has all of us calling the cooking pot INSTAPOT. When it is very clearly labeled Instant Pot. But we're all so used to saying INSTA that we leave off the TUH.' Panel two: Plague (light green bubble, black bird skull) replies 'The hard consonant T was definitely a mistake. Maybe insta-anything is copyright.' War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull) pops in with 'Omg you're right. Never even thought about it lolol'. Panel three: Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull) suggests 'I think they were going for instant pot like instant coffee. Or instant noodles. But only one syllable?' Death returns with 'In the Instagram times?' Panel four: War quips 'In this economy multiple syllables is too expensive. INSTA.' Death closes us out with 'Pollysyllabic? In this E?'

Posted May 26 2024