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Apocalypse page thirty one. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague's chat bubble fills the pansl. She says 'Nerd rage time! I haven't looked at Disney+ in a few weeks and just saw that 1) Raya is STILL behind a paywall. And TWO somehow Book of Life is on here? And Rio!' Panel two: Plague again, asking 'Does this mean Disney bought these studios? or did they make a deal?? I will CRY if BLue Sky got bought.' Famine appears, her chat saying 'Looks like Disney always owned it.' Panel three: Famine continues typing. 'Blue Sky was owned by Fox when Disney acquired that in 2019. So okay, maybe they didn't own it when the movie was made, but yes Disney owns literally everything. Hulu, ESPN, everything.' Panel four: Plague replies, defeated, 'Ugh. Well. At least Anastasia is a princess now...'

Posted May 9 2021