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Apocalypse page thirty three. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine types 'It's hard to find people who need websites when they don't have websites lol'. Plague replies 'what about Farmers! Possible clients for the grocery thing!' Panel two: Famine asks 'But how to find them...' Plague suggests 'Calling them lol'. Famine asks 'But where do you find their numbers?' Panel three: Famine continues by asking 'Like, WHO ARE THEY. WHERE ARE THEY.' Plague says 'You can pay Google a lot so you're the first result in I need A Website searches. Or start with the yellow pages lol'. Panel four: Plague continues, 'Or drive around locally. Hit up farmer's markets and hand out contact inforamtion.' Famine thoughtfully ends the comic with 'Hmmm'.

Posted May 23 2021