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Apocalypse page forty seven. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague's sister, labeled as 'Malady', texts in purple. She asks 'Hey sis, do you need grocery money yet?' Plague replies 'Uuuuuh. Why.' Malady says 'Because I've been gone all week'. Panel two: Plague stalls, typing 'I uh' then stopping. Malady asks 'Why are you being so sus'. Plagye replies 'Well I spent $70 on food last Friday. But at least 20 of that was cat stuff.' Panel three: Plague continues, 'What if you want to buy souvenirs!' Malady says 'I freaking knew you would do this'. Plague types 'Or food for Mom! That goes fast with sales tax!!' Panel four: Malady very calmly explains 'I didn't pack room for souvenirs. And I budgeted to buy food for you both while on this trip.' Plague hesitates. Then types 'Fifty dollars wouldn't hurt me.' Malady snaps back with 'Thank you for being honest when confronted with your black soulless lies.'

Posted August 29 2021