Apocalypse header
Apocalypse page fifty four. This is a series of unconnected scenes where each horse-woman swears in a distinctive way. Panel one: Plague, while drawing on her tablet, mutters 'Son of a bitch on a biscuit.' In another bubble she says 'Jesus H Roosevelt Lincolin Kennedy Christ!' Panel two: Death grips her arm in pain, her son looking on. She hisses 'Fudge! Ah, sss- sugar!' Panel three: War, holding a cup and a bowl, tries to walk over her dogs as they try to investigate her food. Along the top of the panel, the word 'fuck' is repeated so much and written so large that it doesn't fit in the panel border. Panel four: Famine, sitting at her work computer, looks very frustrated while saying 'What on God's green earth...' and 'Oh my everloving-- good LORD.'

Posted October 17 2021