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Apocalypse page fifty eight. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Plague's sister, labeled as 'Malady', texts in purple. She texts 'in other news. Wolf, cat, axolotl, shark, ghost, octopus, lynx, fox, stegosaurus, dragon, sloth, turtle, unicorn, panda, corgi, kitsune, bunny, seal, triceratops, elephant, lion, raccoon, narwhal, t-rex, leopard, puppicorn, mer-wal, or kitticorn.' Panel two: Malady continues 'Choose one. Asking for a friend.' Plague, in three lines, asks 'Are those... um... options? Or is this a test?' Panel three: Malady replies 'Good question.' She does not elaborate so Plague says 'I see. Do I get some context?' Malady types 'None. you have a choice to make'. Panel four: Malady continues 'Oh wait I forgot. Mercat, sea monster, and penguin. Are also options.' Plague cries 'WHAT IS THIS?'. There are no answers.

Posted November 14 2021