Apocalypse header
Apocalypse page sixty one. Panel one: Famine sits on her couch holding her phone. 'Finished reading that article! Now I-- uuh.' She looks at a book on the arm of the couch. Panel two: Famine sits at her computer desk. 'That blog post sure was long, but I read it all! Now I can-- oh.' The same book, but slightly more menacing, sits to one side of her desk. Panel three: Famine is back on her couch, holding a tablet. Finally done with that e-book! Now I can fina- oh. Hm.' Beside her on the couch the book is bigger ans sems to be shaking. Little letters next to it say 'book intensifies'. Panel four: Just the book. It is titled Book To Read Next!! From offscreen Famine says 'Don't look at me like that!'

Posted December 5 2021