Apocalypse header
Apocalypse page seventy two. Panel one: Plague sits at her desk, wearing a tricolor hoodie of purple, white, and black. An ominous shadow looms behind her, startling an 'AH!' out of her. Panel two: It's just her sister Malady. Today Malady is in a black hoodie with a strangely shaped fruit printed on the front. Malady grins as Plague demands 'What!' Panel three: Malady pulls on the hoodie to better display the firey fruit, saying 'Now we both have ace hoodies!' There is an asterisk on Ace, leading to a narrative box at the bottom of the panel. The box clarifies 'Ace: a character from the One Piece series'. Panel four: Plague stares flatly at her sister, not impressed. Another narration box clarifies 'Ace: asexual'.

Posted February 20 2022