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Apocalypse page eighty. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine says 'I'm thinking about getting rid of a plant.' Death asks 'Is it in the way of your books?' Famine replies 'I have three more just like it.' Panel two: Plague pops in to ask 'Why so many?' Famine says 'The cats like to chew the leaves.' Death says 'The cats clearly like it so keep it.' Panel three: Famine adds 'It's also poisonous.' Death says 'Oh snap.' War chimes in with 'Seriously???' Panel four: Famine adds 'But it's not DEADLY. It gives cats an upset tummy. So one will snack on this then just barf it up later.' Death has the final word, just saying 'Lovely.'

Posted April 17 2022