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Apocalypse page eighty five. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine starts the conversation with a bang. 'I HATE' she yells in chat, 'MAC KEYBOARDS'. Plague responds first with a very unhelpful 'lol what's happening'. Panel two: Famine continues yelling 'THEY HAVE RUINED ME FOR WINDOWS AND I AM SO MAD. How do people go back and forth???' War pops in to say 'Going back and forth is def the hardest part.' Panel three: War continues, 'The worst.' Famine comes back with 'I use a lot of shortcuts so you can imagine my life is hell. Lots of Control + This and Control + That.' Panel four: Famine continues. 'Now I look like some kind of dumbass pressing the windows key WHICH NEVER NEEDS TO BE PRESSED. Maybe if I remap some keys it won't be so bad...' Famine concludes. Plague returns with another unhelpful 'I would pay to see this happening.'

Posted May 22 2022