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Apocalypse page ninety six. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Death (light blue bubbles) asks 'hey War, what happened with that fight with your friend? Did they come to the party in the end because it was all just talk?' War (dark blue bubbles) replies 'Yuup.' Panel two: War (dark blue) continues 'I bought them a peace coffee to take the edge off. So things are fine now.' Plague (light green bubble) pipes up 'That's a relief, though they should still apologize.' Panel three: Famine (hot pink) says 'You know. For war you sure to make a LOT of peace offerings.' War (dark blue) replies 'Unfortunately true lol' Panel four: Death (light blue) returns to say 'Part of war is treaties I guess. The Christmas Truse and all.' War (dark blue) says 'lol exactly. Gotta pick your battles.'

Posted August 7 2022