Questions, concerns, curiosities

What is Ditton Comics? How do I pronounce "Ditton"?
Four women from Portland making comics because we love it.
Ditt-like-pit, on-like-dawn
What is Patreon? Can I help?
Patreon is a site that allows users to support their favorite artists by making donations as small as $1, which is charged once a month. For a more in-depth answer please see Patreon's FAQ.
How often do you udpate?
Every Sunday for the forseeable future.
What browsers are supported?
In theory, all of them! Please email us with any bugs or errors you encounter so Plague can fix them.
What do you use to make the comics?
Death: I use my Surface Pro3 and Photoshop.
War: I use sketchbooks, pencils, inks and my lovely SurfacePro 3.
Famine: I use GIMP 2.8 and a WACOM Bamboo tablet.
Plague: I build sites with Brackets, and I draw with a Wacom Intuos tablet & MediBang Pro.
Do any of you take commissions?
War and Death are taking commissions! Email us with your inquiry and the chosen Ditton will reply.
Can I be your friend on Facebook?
We have a Facebook page that you're more than welcome to friend or like. And here's our email, Twitter, Patreon, Tumblr, and Instagram in case you missed them.
Why do you watermark the things posted on Facebook?
Have you read the ToS for Facebook? Don't feel bad, no one else has either. Basically once you post anything there, they own it and can do what they like with it, similar to DeviantArt's policy. We worked hard on the art we showcase here.