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Apocalypse page one hundred twenty five. This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Death (light blue bubble, black human skull) begins the conversation. She says 'Does anyone have questions about bats? My brother needs some examples for a bat outreach event.' War immediately replies (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull) with 'Gimmie those Townsend Bat deets. Why they got such big ears and itty bitty heads.' Panel two: War continues 'Also why are they perfect. How can bats eat scorpions, that's wild.' Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull) asks 'How long do they live? Does any culture eat them as like a delicacy?' Panel three: Famine continues 'Are they mammals or birds? How many babies at once? They are creepy so what would happen to the ecosystem if they all disappeared?' Plague (pale green bubble, black bird skull) chimes in with 'Do families sleep snuggled or no.' Panel four: Famine picks back up with Are there a bunch of different types and if yes which ones are the scariest and which ones are the cutest?' War returns with 'This is the most important question of all lol'

Posted February 26 2023