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Apocalypse page one hundred twenty six.  This is in a chat format like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull) says 'Oh no. I just learned about something called 12x12. Apparently it's where a startup team launches 12 products in 12 months, one a month.' Panel two: Famine continues to say 'That sounds so cool but also like so much work!' Plague (green bubble, black bird skull) agrees with 'So much stress and work when someone is already setting up a new business!' Panel three: War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull) chimes in with a dismayed 'Good lord'. Famine whines 'I want to do itttt. I have so many ideas!!! Way more than twelve!!' Panel four: Plague begs 'Famine, no, please. Think of your blood pressure.' Famine shoots back 'Right. I need it to be higher.'

Posted March 5 2023