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Apocalypse page one hundred fifty seven. This whole comic is in chat format, like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: Famine (black rat skull, pink bubble) bursts into the group chat. 'I JUST CAN'T' she shouts. 'People have somehow become absolutely unhinged about wedding guest attire! I see so many just insanely inappropriate dresses, what planet did these people come from?' Panel two: War (black wolf skull, dark blue bubble) joins in with 'Saaame. Like whyyy are you trying to upstage the bride, jeeesuss. I think it's because people want an excuse to dress fancy but never have anything to dress fancy TO. For which my solution is always... prom dress bowling.' Panel three: Plague (black bird skull, light geen bubble) chips in 'Dress fancy for a drive thru lol'. Famine replies 'Yeah I saw a tiktok about that. Make your own goddamn occasions people!!' War says 'Truly!!' Panel four: War continues, 'Any occasion is a fancy dress occasion. Dinner, tea party, murder, bowling.' Famine asks 'What was that middle one?' War snaps back 'Tea party.'

Posted October 8 2023