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Apocalypse page one hundred fifty eight. This whole comic is in chat format, like Facebook or Discord. Panel one: The team of four is reading the same book, but not at the same pace. Famine (pink bubble, black rat skull icon) appears to say 'Chapter 35, marking as spoiler.' The next bubble is also pink, but instead of whatever she said a message appears 'Tap to show spoiler'. Death (light blue bubble, black human skull icon) says 'LOL'. The next bubble, as before, is also blue and shows only 'Tap to show spoiler'. Panel two: Famine is back with a non-spoiler message. 'It's funny to imagine that if this girl had only read the same damn fairy tales we know, maybe she'd be better PREPARED. But of course she's living the first telling of the story, right?' War (dark blue bubble, black wolf skull icon) now joins the chat. Her bubble has no message, just a triangle Play button and a note 'Tap to play clip.' Panel three: The whole panel is full of rapid-fire messages from all four horsemen, the top and bottom messages patrially cut off by the comic frame. All of them are audio voice messages except one from Famine that just says 'Right!!'. Panel four: Death types out 'I need War clapping to This! Dumb! Bitch! as a text tone lol.' An audio clip from Famine, then the last message is Plague (green bubble, black bird skull icon) simply saying 'Glad we're all enjoying the book.'

Posted October 15 2023