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Apocalypse page twenty two. This is in a chat format like facebook or discord. Panel one: Famine types 'Isn't it nuts that Hunchback is a Disney movie but Phantom of the Opera isn't? Same authot-- Dumas! Same story!! Classic example of a one-trick writer...' Panel two: Death types 'They are... not the same author? Les Mis and Hunchback are the same author.' Famine replies 'So it was plagarism!' Panel three: Death types 'Victor Hugo wrote Hunchback in the 1800's.' Famine, stunned, replies 'what.' Panel four: Death types 'Dumas wrote Man in the Iron Mask.' Famine types 'So... Iron man of the Opera?' Death, distressed, types 'No--' Famine has an epiphany and types 'A mash-up!'

Posted March 7 2021