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Apocalypse page twenty three. Panel one: Plague is in a doctor's office. The doctor says 'It may just be a sprain. But since it still hurts, in a perfect world we would x-ray your ankle to be safe.' Plague, sitting down with one ankle propped up, says 'My family would kill me if I turned doen the chance to check.' Panel two: On the way back from the x-ray room a nurse asks 'How is your pain tolerance?' Plague replies 'Oh. uh. Normal? I think?' The nurse asks 'Have you ever given birth?' Plague replies 'Haha, definitely not!' Panel three: back in the examination room, Plague sits again while the doctor enters. Plague asks 'So how do the scans look?' Panel four: The doctor takes a moment. 'So,' she says. 'It's definitely broken.' Plague sits shocked.

Posted March 14 2021